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Monday, 22 August 2016

The Girl Born On Tuesday

The girl was born on Tuesday,
Nobody remembered anything else,
except for the day. 
The sky was clear, turquoise blue, 
The grass was so green, emerald was put to shame.

The girl was born on Tuesday, 
"Spare the flowers," her mother had said, 
"Nothing as lovely as a newborn's scent."

But there was something extraordinary
about this girl born on Tuesday, 
Her skin pale near white, 
Her limbs not rigid... but slight, 
Her eyes opaque, 
with a tinge of the deep blue sea
should there be life. 

Alas, she lived not even a day.
At dawn she came, 
By noon she was gone. 

Everyone remembered nothing else on that day, 
except for the mother saying her final goodbyes
to the girl born asleep, that Tuesday.

Created: 22/08/2016 @ 10.58pm